If you like to play math games, then you’ve probably come across Subtraction Games. But did you know that there are many other math games to choose from? Here are a few of my favorites: Adder-Ladders, Funky Mummy, Minus Mission, and Caveman Cafe’s Grand Opening. These games are great ways to improve your subtraction skills and have fun while learning new math strategies! Whether you’re looking to improve your brainpower or a little more competitive, there is a game for you!

Fun Games to Practice Your Subtraction Skills


Adder-Ladders are fun, challenging, and engaging math games. The goal is to land on the upper position by adding up the numbers on the first rung of the ladder. To keep the game exciting, a random dice roll is used to determine how many spaces the player should move forward. When the dice come up with a large number, the player moves one space. However, as they proceed up the row, they must make one mistake to gain one space. Ultimately, the player should land on the top of the ladder, but this can be compromised when the player ends up at the bottom of the row.

The basic game includes a board, counters, and die cut-outs. Students will need to cut, glue, and assemble the game pieces. These pieces are used to reinforce math concepts and increase student’s ability. Several versions of this game are available online. The game is an excellent tool for extra practice and revision. This is an excellent choice for teaching kids to practice addition and subtraction.

Top 5 Subtraction Games for Kids

Funky Mummy

If you’re in the market for a mobile game that can help you remember your number facts, Funky Mummy is the app for you. Its fun mascot dances when you answer the question correctly, and the game also aligns to the UK National Curriculum. A fun twist is that the app teaches you new English as you play! The game also teaches you about addition and subtraction tables, as well as about adding and taking away 10.

The game is an excellent way to reinforce number bonds and help you improve your subtraction skills. Each round increases the difficulty level, and the faster you answer, the faster your mummy runs. It will also increase the amount of time it takes you to answer the questions, so it’s worth completing all three levels to win. You can play it on your computer or mobile device, but we recommend you download the app from a game store or VLE.

While you’re playing Funky Mummy, you’ll be testing your knowledge of the numbers in the times tables. Each level will challenge your knowledge of the times tables. The game is suitable for younger children, but it can also be a great review for older students. You can also download the app to play it on your tablet or mobile phone. If you’re looking for a fun educational game that tests your number facts, Funky Mummy is the perfect choice.

Caveman Cafe’s Grand Opening

It’s no secret that a new business in town has a name that reflects its origins: The Caveman Cafe. The name is a play on the word “cave” as the cafe’s Jumpin Jack is currently collecting candy. He hopes to collect all of it today. And as his name suggests, the cave is located inside a cave. During its Grand Opening, fans can get to meet Jumpin Jack for the first time and celebrate the Caveman Cafe with a visit.

The name owes its name to the cave where the caveman was discovered. Nissim Kakhalon first opened the cafe on his porch, serving Turkish coffee and tea along with some simple snacks. It soon earned a spot in travel guides and “Must-See” booklets and became an incredibly popular summer hangout. It was home to a hermit, but the business couldn’t comply with health codes and refused to pay taxes.

The Extraordinary Caveman is the second Paleo diet delivery service in Richmond, following fED Kitchens. fED Kitchens began its Paleo diet meal delivery service in 2012, but eventually stopped. Despite the success of the new business, Hunter said she’ll be looking for more ways to expand the business in Richmond. A shrewd move by the owner to expand her food service to Richmond will give customers more options.

Minus Mission

If you’re looking for a fun subtraction game with a creeping slime theme, look no further than Minus Mission. In this game, green slime drips toward a robot, revealing subtraction problems. Players must add up the values of all the coins and click on the correct answer to complete the level. As the game progresses, the dolphin will move faster, which will make it easier to find the correct answer in less time.

In Minus Mission, the player must solve subtraction problems to keep the slime from reaching the robot. As the slime falls, the player has to use a laser cannon to shoot the correct equations before the slime touches the screen. There are several levels in this game, each with a different number of levels. The goal is to complete each mission before the slime reaches the robot’s range.

Math Machine

A fun and educational way to improve math skills is Brighterly.com – fun math for kids. Also check The Math Machine, that provides a number of online games for kids to play. Using instructional pop-up screens and a brief tutorial, kids can practice math problems on the site. Each problem displays a vertical number and a target number. Players must choose the correct sequence of mathematical operations to solve it. Correct solutions earn points. If you’re stuck, you can give up points and see the solution.

The Baldi’s Basics Plus Math Machine was released in Japan, and it was subject to design changes over time. The gray cube-shaped machine displayed a math problem in the center, with two lights indicating the correct answer. Other features of the machine included a yellow horn, thermometer, and gauges. These devices were designed to mimic the way a teacher would teach math. In addition to the Basics Plus Math Machine, Baldi also released a model that resembled a conveyor belt.