At Frolic!, we encourage free-spirited, imaginative play with our 1,500 square foot membership-based indoor playground which features custom-designed and interactive play attractions in the spirit of freedom and rock 'n' roll. Designed with fun and safety in mind, our playground meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards and is cleaned and disinfected (using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning supplies safe for children) multiple times a day. Our playground is designed to stimulate and support the development of little rockers aged newborn to six years old and provide a space for families to grow together through play! For those about to play, we salute you!

Come frolic in our interactive 1970 VW bus

recreated by award-winning national children's museum designers. Chill in the driver's seat and hit the horn (Beep! Beep!), stomp on the pedals (Vroom! Vroom!)... or just mellow out in the back and select the mood lighting of your choice. Our bus "Ziggy" (Ziggy Starbus that is) will interact with you back.

Zoom down our Rolling Stones-inspired 'tongue' double slide

either solo or with a friend by your side.

Jam on our mini concert stage and dress

up like a future rock star or hang with your band of friends in our mini backstage lounge.

Leap onto our 'magic' mushrooms or glide down the back of our tune-loving butterfly

both customized by the market leader in children's soft play equipment and are anti-microbial to boot.

New parents can relax in our separate baby area

designated for our littlest members to learn and discover.