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Class Basics

  • All classes are open to members and non-members.
  • Playground use is reserved for MEMBERS ONLY.
  • Frolic! members receive 10% off!
  • All classes are 15 weeks, unless otherwise noted
  • All classes are 45 minutes, unless otherwise noted
  • We offer 3 make-up classes for enrollment in the full 15 week semester in any Frolic! age-appropriate 45-minute class with availability (not SOLD OUT). This excludes make-ups in Kick + Play, Combo classes and Cooking Stars.
  • There will be no classes Thur Nov 28, Fri Nov 29, Saturday Nov 30. Students enrolled in these classes will receive an extra make-up.
  • Enrolled class participants and caregivers have access to private coffee lounge before and after scheduled class.
  • Class prices vary. For pricing and class descriptions, click on the class title.

Our Curriculum




Little Rock-its by Frolic! (created exclusively for Frolic! by Tim Kubart of the "kindie rock" band Tim and the Space Cadets) and Little Rock-its Opening Act are the new wave in children's music programs created exclusively for Frolic! Music classes at Frolic! blend original child-friendly and hip tunes with classic rock 'n' roll themed weeks throughout the semester such as "Rolling Stones Week" and "Tom Petty Week" interpreted for a new generation of little rockers, fostering a creative and interactive learning environment. The teachers, serving as mentors for today's young rockers, are also emerging Brooklyn musicians who front a three-piece band, inspiring a love and appreciation for live music.

Little Rock-its for Baby!
newborn - 12m
This introductory music class created for our rockers and rollers in strollers, blends original baby-friendly and hip tunes with classic rock 'n' roll themed weeks such as "Beatles Week" interpreted specifically for babies newborn to 12 months.
Little Rock-its by Frolic!
newborn - 5y
Young children develop live music appreciation in a fun and spirited setting featuring a 3-piece band in every class! Children jam and experiment with different musical instruments each week and take part in movement activities in sync with the "rock artist of the week" with rotating props, bubbles and storytelling to song!
Little Rock-its Opening Act
4y - 6y DROP OFF
Blending rock appreciation with a hands-on introduction to musical instruments for rockers aged 4-6, this class offers an intimate learning experience in a small group setting to introduce a variety of instruments to explore each week, including guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, recorder, electric guitar and voice, so that students who are interested in taking private lessons one day can explore and discover their favorites creating a lifetime love of music appreciation.




Whether it be ballet, hip hop or creative movement with our youngest dancin' babes, outfit your little ballerina, hip hop star or free mover in their favorite dance gear and get them ready to have fun and dance! Frolic! dance classes will have your tot twirling like a pro in no time. Focus starts on beginner positions, technique, balance, style and vocabulary, and will gradually grow in difficulty level at the same pace as your child. With elements of live music and dance video inspirations, along with interactions with physical props to enhance the learning experience, your children will be ready and excited to demonstrate their progress to mommies and daddies in class twice throughout the semester. Frolic! dance classes will transform your movement-loving ball of energy into a more structured and educated dancer.

Dancin' Babes
walkers - 24m
An introduction to dance, this class explores coordination and creative movement to music while children develop their physical confidence.
Ballet Babes I
2y - 3y
Ballerinas and ballerinos improve their technique and practice of ballet, working to increase their knowledge of basic ballet positions, vocabulary and independence on the dance floor!
Ballet Babes II
3y - 5y DROP OFF
Our junior ballerinas and ballerinos work hard both together and independently in class to develop the next level of ballet moves, techniques and terminology.
Hip Hop
3y - 5y DROP OFF
Movers and groovers bop and bounce their bodies, learning basic jazz and hip hop movements to popular tunes and artists!




A process-based toddler art class focusing on exposing young ones to new materials. We will begin each session with a short video presentation, which will include stills of contemporary art as inspiration (think Pollock's paint splatters and Lichtenstein's pop art) further developing your child's artistic exploration: the perfect chance for your children to get dirty and have fun while developing an artistic eye! The goal of Frolic! art classes are to build confidence around creative expression and develop basic crafting techniques, as well as incorporating use of text and printmaking. Your child will bring home quality artwork each week and the semester will culminate in a curated art show featuring the best of your child’s work.

Pint Size Painters
18m - 24m
An introductory hands-on art class inspired by contemporary artists where toddlers engage in artistic expression by experimenting with colors and textures, while developing fine motor skills.
Paint it Black... or Blue or Yellow!
2y - 3y
Young children engage in dexterous art creations featuring building techniques, forming and painting, all inspired by contemporary artists.
Color Me Crazy
3y - 5y DROP OFF
Children work collaboratively in a creative and spirited setting on art projects inspired by contemporary artists focusing on 2D and 3D work using materials and tools of their choice.
* Offered Fall 2013 as a Combo Class with Frolic! Fit!


Your little one is up and running and ready to move! If you find them crawling under, climbing over, pulling and pushing whatever they can get their hands on, then Frolic! Fit is for your child! In this 45 minute introductory sports fitness class your little one will exercise their large and fine motor skills through play-based learning and practice of the essential actions that make up the core of all sports: balance, catching, kicking, running and throwing. Throughout the course of the semester, the children will be introduced to various sports such as basketball, baseball, golf, gymnastics, soccer and yoga, in a non-competitive environment. Each class will consist of various physical obstacle courses, stretching and strengthening activities, and engaging sports based activities.

Frolic! Fit
walkers - 24m
Focusing on developing gross motor skills and building confidence through physical activities, toddlers engage in sports basics and coordination of movement with their bodies. Caregivers will encourage and support the children throughout all activities.
Frolic! Fit
2y - 3y
Little ones engage in sports basics and fitness activities while fine-tuning their gross motor skills in a supportive and stimulating environment. Caregivers will encourage and support the children throughout all activities.
Frolic! Fit
3y - 5y DROP OFF
Young athletes participate in high-energy sports and fitness games and activities, working together in both groups and independently in an encouraging and confidence-building environment.
* Offered Fall 2013 as a Combo Class with Color Me Crazy!
Kick + Play
walkers - 24m
Brought to you by the creators of Super Soccer Stars, Kick & Play is a parent-child, pre-soccer and movement program for toddlers 12 to 24 months. Experienced instructors along with our puppet friends, Mimi & Pepe, take you and your little one through a world of exciting physical activity. Individual attention, positive reinforcement, and engaging original music help develop pre-soccer skills that will have your toddler balancing, running, kicking and playing – all while having a blast!


Cooking Stars
3y - 5y DROP OFF
Stir, whisk, taste, lick. In Cooking Stars your child will enjoy a full-sensory experience around food and the art of cooking. Expose your child to the magical world of food as we explore local and exotic recipes through the lens of our five senses. Each and every class begins with our pots and pans band, two "look mom, I made it myself" recipes and finishes up with an awesome "culinary" art project. Your mini chef will master recipes whipped up by a local registered dietitian so you know they'll be packed with flavor and all the nutrition those little bodies need. This is an ideal environment for your children to discover and explore new tastes while having fun. Each week freatures a different inspiration band, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bananarama to Black Eyed Peas!

Early Learning Series

Playgroupies I

A Frolic! early learning program designed for ages 2-3.5 years, this twice-weekly play group allows children (along with their parents/caregivers) to separate gradually and gently while building independence, self-confidence and socialization skills in a nurturing and encouraging environment. The goal of Playgroupies I is to "prep" children and set them up for a successful preschool transition by focusing on learning to share, following directions and interacting with peers, all in a creative and inspiring environment.

Incorporating our award-nominated programming led by our experienced educators, each week will integrate play-based activities with Frolic!'s creative and unique age-appropriate curriculum including music, art , cooking crafts, sports, dance and movement. Group snack included each day, as well as a Frolic! T-shirt at the start of semester.